3.15. “Murder in the Forbidden City” (Documentary Salon)

murder in the palace

Upcoming installment of our monthly documentary salon.

Throughout Chinese history, the lives of the imperial families have always been a mystery. The young production team of the “Murders in the Forbidden City” tried to decode five astonishing crimes that happened in the royal palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Through these five mysterious stories, we can not only catch a glimpse into the lives of the Chinese emperors, but also have an understanding on the legal system and social customs in these ancient times.

The director, cameraman and the producer of this production are all younguniversity graduates and it is their first time working on a documentary, but they were able to shoot their debut film in the Palace Museum.

This Sunday afternoon, we are going to invite the team to The Courtyard Institute and reveal the mysteries of both the crimes and the documentary production.


Sunday, March 15th, 14:30-16:30


Courtyard Institute (No.28 Zhonglao Hutong, Dongcheng District) MAP


RMB 20 per person (includes tea and water)




rsvp@courtyardinstitute.com or

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