5.21. Historic Preservation in China – by Gary Feuerstein


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China Building Restoration, anySCALE and the Courtyard Institute invite you to our talk by Gary Feuerstein on historic restoration and preservation in China. In this talk, whilst exploring China’s traditional architecture and history, including discussing the cultural relevance of certain design features, Gary will share his perspectives on the significances of keeping China’s historic heritage preserved, using Beijing as an example.

5000 years of history China’s ancient forms of architecture are certainly considered rich in heritage and preservation value. However, with ongoing rapid development economically, culturally and politically, traditional architecture is fast being replaced by its modern counterparts. This situation is particularly true for large international cities like Beijing, where thousands of years of traditions struggle to survive in an ever-changing environment. As a result, historic restoration and preservation have become topical issues of discussion for China and will continue to increase in significance as these trends grow.

From grand structural designs such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, to humble courtyards and hutongs, Gary will lead us through some of the traditional design features and what they represent. During the talk, Gary will discuss the values of historic preservation in China using 5 major principles. He will conclude the talk with his prediction of the likely future path building preservation will take in China. The talk will last 45 minutes to one hour, and there will be 45 minutes for Q&A session.

About the Speaker:

Gary Feuerstein is an Architectural Engineer and Facility Manager at the US Embassy in

Beijing. He has designed Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical systems for more than

3000 buildings in the US, Canada and Europe and maintained embassies in Morocco, Baghdad

as well as Beijing. He is a board member of the Curry Stone Foundation and a 1972 graduate

of Oregon State University.



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(a) Adults: RMB 50/person

(b) Students: RMB 20/person (Please bring valid student ID)

(c) Simple drinks and snacks will be provided



This Event is co-hosted by China Building Restoration, anySCALE and the Courtyard Institute


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