11.08. Sino-American Talks presents: “Who Will Steal Your Job in Ten Years: The Beida Grad or the Oberlin Grad” – Talk by Mike Levy

Sino-American Talks invites to a Talk and Q&A with Mike Levy hosted at the Courtyard Institute:

“Who Will Steal Your Job in Ten Years: The Beida Grad or the Oberlin Grad”

About the Talk:
Students in China’s best schools are math and science experts, years ahead of their American counterparts.  But they can’t innovate, create, or invent.  Students in America’s best schools are open, creative, and full of joie de vivre.  But they can’t compete with the work ethic and competence of kids in Asia.

These are the stereotypes we read in the New York Times and the Washington Post.  The Asian robot, and the American slacker.  But they are, of course, vast over-simplifications. Let’s delve into these ideas a little further, and explore what the differences really are between US and Chinese school systems, where the strengths and weaknesses really lay, and the consequences for both nations. And let’s ask the question that is going to me most relevant to our own futures: Who is going to be stealing my job in 10 years, a BeiDa grad, or a Yale grad?

About the Speaker:
Mike Levy has taught for two decades in both America and China, at the high school and college level.  He is currently working to help Avenues: The World School open the first dual-licensed school in Beijing, allowing local students and international students to learn together in a true east-west collaboration.

Mike graduated from Cornell University in 1998 with a joint B.A. in philosophy and religious studies and received an M.A.T. from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in 2002. Mike taught at Guizhou University (Guiyang), the largest school in China’s poorest province, as a member of the Peace Corps. Mike’s book, Kosher Chinese was named the first place winner for non-fiction in the Barnes and Noble “Discover Great New Writers” for 2011. Mike has also published numerous articles in various media.


WHEN: November 8th, 2pm-4pm

WHERE: Courtyard Institute

RSVP: Please follow this link and make reservations in advance: Link



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