7.27. – Tea Tasting – Pu’er Session

Rumors, misconceptions and the truth behind the famous Pu’er tea

Weight loss, cancer prevention, anti-radiation and anti-aging? Can all this be achieved by just drinking tea? We, at the Courtyard Institute, want to find out what is true of the many rumors surrounding Chinas famous Pu’er tea.


The Courtyard Institute invites to a special tea tasting event with tea connoisseur Paul Murray. This event is the first edition in a series of tea tasting events and will focus on the mysterious Pu’er Tea. All participants will be able to try 2-3 different kinds of tea during the tasting. Paul will provide interesting information on the different kinds of Pu’er tea and tell us what Pu’er can and cannot do.



China’s Pu’er tea culture has a rich tapestry of history. The Ethnic minority groups of Yunnan, the former Chinese royalty, and modern Chinese culture have all been involved in the development of Pu’er tea culture. Though Pu’er tea has played many roles in China’s history, the tea is often misrepresented and misunderstood by modern society. Rumors of a miracle weight-loss tea and a glut of fake teas have been used to confuse the public and blur the reality of this mysterious tea. With so much misinformation being presented to the public, the preservation of Pu’er culture has become more important than ever.


About Paul Murray

Paul Murray, owner of White2tea.com and author of Twodogteablog.com first visited Yunnan in 2005 and has been living in China ever since. His love affair with Pu’er tea slowly escalated from casual tea drinking into sourcing and processing his own Pu’er teas under his White2tea label. Paul spends his spring and fall in Yunnan visiting farmers around the region and searching out sustainably produced tea of the highest quality. Paul is dedicated to Pu’er education and the preservation and promotion of tea culture.



When: Sunday 27th of July, 10am – 12pm

Where: The Courtyard Institute, (Nr.28 Zhonglao Hutong, Dongcheng District, 10009)

Admission: 80RMB


– RSVP –

The Tea Tasting will be limited to a small group. Please reserve in advance by sending us an email to: rsvp.sihe(at)courtyardinstitute.com


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