Hutong Course Spring and Summer Term Kick off


We have always felt that the kids in Beijing need to know what Beijing means to them, and how this city has culturally shaped their lives, although this is hardly noticeable.

2 groups of students will join us in the Spring of 2015 for the discovery of the history of the Hutongs. And we will start the course with a class of exciting old Beijing games, as well as a warming up session of Taichi.

Next up is a Treasure Hunt through our neighbouring Hutongs.




Bi-Weekly: Saturday or Sunday, afternoons

Venue: The Courtyard Institute (No. 28, Zhonglao Hutong)

Language: Chinese only

If you have any questions about the Hutong Courses we run, feel free to contact our staff:
call: 聂老师 Ms. Nie:(86-10) 8404-8242
or email to:

For more information on the course please visit the program page on our homepage:Spring and Summer Hutong Course


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