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How to find us:

The Courtyard Institute is located only 5 minutes by foot from the East gate of JingShan (景山).


By Public Transport:


(1)Take bus 111, 124 or 210 and get off at JingShan East Gate Station (景山西门站). Walk 50m north and turn right into Shatan Houjie (沙滩后街). Follow the Shatan Houjie and turn right at the first alley. You are now in XiLao Hutong (西老胡同). Follow the road about 100 meters and you will see our courtyard on the right side of the street.

(2)Take bus 101, 103, 109, 111, 609 or 685 and get off at Shatan Lukou East (沙滩路口西站). Follow the road westwards and turn right at the first road into Shatan Beijie (沙滩北街). Now turn left at the first road on the left into Zhonglao Hutong (中老胡同). Follow the road until you reach our Courtyard at Number 28 on the left hand side of the road.


The closest subway station is Dongsi Station (东四) on subway lines 5 and 6. After exiting the subway follow the Dongsi East Street (东四西大街) to the west. Turn right into Shatan Beijie (沙滩北街) (about 700 meters or 15 minutes from the subway station). Turn left into Zhonglao Hutong (中老胡同) and follow the road until you reach our Courtyard at Number 28.


By Car:

Zhonglao Hutong is a very narrow street, therefore we don’t recommend to enter by car.

The most convenient way to park close to our Courtyard is at the parking lot of the “Hua Yu” Hotel (华育宾馆) on Shatan Houjie (沙滩后街). The cost for one hour parking at the hotel is 8RMB.