Apart from our courses and activities, we offer our space to rent for your activities, events, friends and family gatherings. So far we had guests use our tranquil courtyard for birthday parties, business meetings, corporate events, barbecues, hot-pot dinners, tea etc


Courtyard space rental service price list 书院空间出租价目

Mon  Fri

Day time 3 Hours


Sat – Sun

Day time 3 Hours


Sun Thur

Evening 3 Hours


Fri – Sat

Evening 3 hours



Kitchen Rental: 

For an additional 500 RMB our kitchen is your kitchen. 

  • Main kitchen equipment: 1 refrigerator, 2 gas stoves, 1 medium sized oven, 1 sink, rice cooker, tableware for 40 – 50 guests.
  • Hot-Pot Equipment (Pots, Coals etc)
  • 串-BBQ


Ayi Service:

Our Ayi can also be available to help with cooking, serving etc for an extra 200 RMB.


Please call (86-01) 84048242 and talk to Ms. Nie for more details and availabilities.