Good Morning Pu’er – Tea Tasting Series with Paul Murray

Immerse yourself in the diverse world of tea at an exclusive tea tasting session with Paul Murray.

This first four-part-series will focus on special topics surrounding Pu’er tea. The series is held on Saturday mornings at 10am in the… 继续 :: continue

09/14 – Shadow Puppet Workshop

The Courtyard Institute invites all children (approx. 7 – 11 years of age) to join our second “Shadow Puppetry Workshop”.

The workshop starts at 16:00 with a short introduction into shadow puppet performance. Under the guidance of … 继续 :: continue

09/07 – Capital M Kids Club: Shadow Puppet Theatre

Ages 7-11
RMB 75, includes a drink; kids, RMB 20; free with brunch

Fun with Shadow Puppets at our first Capital M Kids Club event! The Courtyard Institute introduces children to shadow puppets in an accessible, fun way. Kids will learn how to 继续 :: continue





“冰桶挑戰”,是為了讓更多人參與到公益事業中來。但由於不環保、可能出現身體不適等原因在中國遭受詬病。但這個初心是公益的事,還要不要繼續?答案當然是YES!… 继续 :: continue

August 10th – Tea Tasting – Pu’er (old arbor)

The Tea Mountains of Yunnan and the impacts of terroir on Pu’er


One of the most important factors in the flavor profile of Pu’er tea is the region where it is grown. Even a few kilometers between mountains can have a monumental impact… 继续 :: continue

08.02. – 农历乞巧节堂会

08.02. 周六 –  3:30pm – 11:30pm

费用: 200元

乞巧节又称“七巧节”或“七夕节”,来源于中国古代牛郎织女的神话传说。自古以来,未婚女子在这个日子里,都要祈求自己能够心灵手巧、获得美满的姻缘。… 继续 :: continue

7.27. – Tea Tasting – Pu’er Session

Rumors, misconceptions and the truth behind the famous Pu’er tea

Weight loss, cancer prevention, anti-radiation and anti-aging? Can all this be achieved by just drinking tea? We, at the Courtyard Institute, want to find out what is true… 继续 :: continue



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也许很多人还不熟悉傅惟慈。这位93岁老人近日的离去,几乎标志着自民国走来的老一代文学翻译大家在历史舞台上的集体谢幕,成为文学天空中可望而不再可及的星辰。… 继续 :: continue





四合书院本次讲座非常荣幸的邀请到了本次申遗专家组的主要成员,清华大学建筑学院的罗德胤博士与大家分享他参与元阳梯田村落调研和保护实践的心得。… 继续 :: continue